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What is MyMedicare?


MyMedicare is a new voluntary program which is designed to encourage continuity of care amongst all your relevant healthcare providers, particularly for your GP.

Some important points you need to know are:

  • You can choose a preferred general practice and change your nomination at any time
  • It will not prevent you from accessing care from other general practices and health care providers
  • It does give you some extra advantages, particularly to a certain cohort of patients, such as longer telehealth appointments

How does MyMedicare work?

When you register with MyMedicare, you tell the health system that you have a strong connection with your GP and team. This helps us to get more information about your health from other places, such as hospitals or specialists. This way, we can plan and coordinate your care better with you and the other health professionals involved in your long term care.

What are the benefits for you?

If you join MyMedicare, you will get:

  • Consistent and personalised care from our practice team
  • Important information about your health can be shared across the health system
  • Better funding for certain items such as longer telehealth items

Why is MyMedicare important?

Research has consistently shows us that having a regular general practice and GP is good for your health and wellbeing. It helps you to stay healthy and prevent problems. It also makes it easier for us to treat you when you are sick or injured.

You may think that we already know everything that happens to you in the health system, but that is not always true. Sometimes, we don’t get the information we need from other health providers who care for you. This makes it harder for us to give you the best care possible. By joining MyMedicare, you can help us to see the full picture of your health and provide more complete care for you.

How do I register?

Registrations are open now, so if you recognise CFP as your primary general practice, please register.

You can complete registration in one of the following ways:

  • Through your Medicare online services app (Medicare Online Account or the Express Plus Medicare mobile application)
  • By filling out a registration form at the practice. The practice team will then enter your details into the MyMedicare system to complete the registration.
  • All registrations for DVA Veteran Card holders and children under 14 years will need to be completed at the practice.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information and resources about MyMedicare on the Australian Government, Department of Health website or please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

MyMedicare website

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