A message of thanks from Crestwood Family Practice

Crestwood Family Practice appreciates the additional rebates that were available to our patients during the early stages of COVID-19. Whilst small, they allowed us to absorb some of the costs of providing a high quality medical service and offer bulk-billed Telehealth services to our most vulnerable patients.

We acknowledge and respect that these were temporary measures, and have been removed as of 1 October 2020

As a result of this, we will be moving back to our normal fee structure with some changes. All Telehealth phone consults will be billed with the fees listed below. We will continue to bulk-bill Pensioner card holders, discount fee to our Self-funded retirees and full time students and bulk bill children under the age of 16 years.

As a practice, we value the safety and care of our patients above all else. We remain committed to providing the highest standards of health care, whether this is face to face or over the phone.

We are also aware that COVID-19 has affected our community in various ways.

We acknowledge that our patients experience health care issues physically, psychologically, socially, financially and in other ways. We are committed to stepping forward and participating in new solutions as we navigate a new world.

If you are affected financially as a result of COVID-19, we may be able to consider alternative financial arrangements for you. Please feel free to speak to our practice manager Alison Belcastro and discuss your concerns. You can organise a time to speak Alison by calling us on 02 9836 1022.

With best wishes,

Alison Belcastro & Dr Gunjan Singh
Crestwood Family Practice


Medicare Rebate Private Fee Out of Pocket
Telehealth Consult Short $17.75 $25.00 $7.25
Telehealth Consult Standard $38.75 $55.00 $16.25
Telehealth Consult Long $75.05 $110.00 $34.95
Telehealth Consult Prolonged $110.50 $155.00 $44.50