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We’re a privately billed practice with flexibility for children, students and pensioners.

Welcome to Crestwood
Family Practice

Boutique Personalised Healthcare

We are an experienced group of general practitioners who are dedicated to bringing you exceptional primary care. We welcome a vast array of patient groups; those of all ages, genders, cultures and complexities.

Important Updates

Covid Warning
Please note; As per the national COVID guidelines, all visitors to the practice must wear a mask and adhere to our COVID safe policies. We ask that, where possible, you utilise our video and telehealth options to try and reduce the amount of face-to-face appointments. We continue to provide in-person care where preferred.
Vaccination Update
Have a discussion with your GP today about vaccination eligibility and information. CFP is currently running Pfizer vaccine clinics.
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Services We Offer

Complete Patient Care
Medical Services

Our team at CFP is well-equipped to manage all aspects of general practice including mental health, chronic disease, children and women's health needs, workers' compensation, skin and allergy issues, cancer screening and elderly care.


Our affiliated physiotherapists provide mobility and fitness support, post-operative rehabilitation, falls prevention training and multiple other utilities. We exercise a hands-on approach in addition to individualised patient programs to help quick and lasting recoveries.

Treatment room

Our team of top tier medical practitioners work quickly to provide you with premium medical attention such as daily nursing support for ear syringing, emergency care, immunisations, minor surgeries, sutures and wound/ulcer care.


On-site pathology collection is available daily which is managed by Douglas Hanley Moir. Providing comprehensive high-quality diagnostic services.

Cancer Screening

We advocate for timely cancer screening initiatives such as mammograms for breast cancer, faecal occult blood testing for bowel cancer, physical examinations for prostate and skin cancers for detection of early signs.


CFP has a keen interest in healthy weight management. We have devised a comprehensive program which is focussed on educating the community of the impact of diet and exercise on long term health and wellbeing whilst planning weight loss.


Our qualified clinical psychologists define personalised therapeutic techniques to support patients with their particular mental health concerns. CFP doctors do more than just listen; they aim for meaningful and restorative strategies.

Hearing Test

Hearing impairment is a prominent disability in the community, specifically for our elderly patients. Hearing loss is assessed and then formally tested to determine the cause and develop a management plan.

General Practice, with a Difference

Boutique Personalised Healthcare

Our team at CFP endeavours to provide the greatest level of primary care possible. 

We believe in holistic healthcare which involves not only treating the ailment but delving into all facets of wellbeing beyond the physical.

Doctors at CFP practice collaborative care using a multi-disciplinary approach leveraging a comprehensive group of associated medical and surgical specialists, allied health professionals and community services.

Ultimately our vision is focussed  and driven on ensuring improved health outcomes for you and your family.

Dr. Gunjan Singh


Holistic Care for You and Your Family

A Multi-disciplinary Approach
Experienced Doctors​

Committed to promoting health and wellbeing, our doctors have been caring for the Hills community for over 35 years.

Allied Health Services

We have strong working relationships with local physiotherapists, dietitians, podiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists and more.

Guaranteed service

Here at CFP, we stand for our patients. Feel safe knowing that, from our family to yours, we will provide the greatest level of care.

Modern Equipment ​

Our premium health care facility has top of the line equipment, all designed to help you achieve your peak health.

Our Family of Doctors

Meet the team at CFP, all equally dedicated but each with their unique approach.

The Doctors

Independent GPs all equally dedicated but each with their unique approach.

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